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It shows that information often does not reach the target audience. It is not so much to the content but above all to the one-sidedness and its timing.


Our patent-pending technique ‘blended video’ makes dynamic digital communication possible that can be easily integrated into your business process.


With blended video organizations improve the efficiency, impact and overview of their communication. It also opens new possibilities for cost savings.

Convince by asking

Convincing people is often very difficult. The trick is to get them wondering why they’re saying no. Below a blended video explaining that someone with mental problems cannot recover, if the psychological symptoms are combined with an addiction. Please click in the below video on chapter ‘ Vier vragen ‘ and then answer the first two questions correctly and the last two incorrectly and you will see the interaction by which people are convinced to do something to their addiction.

Awareness and self-reflection

Below a blended video in which someone can determine to what extent he is addicted to something.

Inform and test

Below a blended video explaining how the risk of cardiovascular disease can be reduced.

Other applications

Blended video of an enterprise:
Blended video in a webshop:
Blended video in a newsletter:


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What our customers say

The solution of E-comvideo and the flexible way in which it can be applied indicates in which direction E-health needs and will develop.

Peter Klumpenaar

Innovator, GGZ

The application that you produced really made it possible for me to get the message of this complex project across to the different divisions.

Paul James

Manager Customer Data, ING

A lot of thanks that you have made such a high-standard movie in such a short period of time, my compliments for your team!

Remco Boer

Manager Financieren, Rabobank

About us

Our core team brings experts from various disciplines together

Jean-Paul Fonteijn

Jean-Paul Fonteijn

Managing Director

Jean-Paul is an ambitious change and innovation manager. One of his projects in the past was even described on the entire main page of the Dutch Financial Times. Creating new useful applications of blended video in different branches is his current ambition.

Jurgen van Teeffelen

Jurgen van Teeffelen

Information expert

Jurgen has a strong background in scientific research and education. He has worked at various (inter)national universities. He is interested in the use of interactive video in communication, as well as e-learning and healthcare applications.

Huibert Stolker

Huibert Stolker

Graphical Interactivity expert

Huibert developed his current experience in graphic design and interactivity as entrepreneur for the last 25 years. He is inspired by the new possibilities of interactive video and he is highly motivated to apply this new technique to make engagement happen.

David Gelderblom

David Gelderblom

Web developer

David is an experienced web developer. He has worked for many organizations and helped them improving their websites through good designs. David excels in entrepreneurship and the speed in which he delivers useful web solutions.


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